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Ugramo Multi-Functional Kitchen Scale
Ugramo Multi-Functional Kitchen Scale
Ugramo Multi-Functional Kitchen Scale
Ugramo Multi-Functional Kitchen Scale

    Ugramo Multi-Functional Kitchen Scale

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  • Accuracy up to ±0.1 g. Weigh anything between 0.1oz to 11lb(1g-5kg).
  • Comprehensive units: lb:oz/fl'oz/g/ml, easy to switch with ergonomic touch sensor buttons.
  • Food-grade removable bowl on the scale to save your storage space.
  • With Milk Mode and Water Mode and Weight Mode.
  • Multifunctional scale with precise T-tare, alarm timer and indoor temperature functions.
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      Elimate Guess Work in Serving and Recipe Measurement
      solid weighing
      Solid Weighing
      powder weighing
      Powder Weighing
      liquid measurement
      Liquid Measurement
      Food Grade Removable Bowl, Easy to Storage
      Upside down the bowl on the food scale to save the storage space, while being more decorative. And the kitchen scale can also display as clock as well as thermometer when not in use. Moreover, you can place other containers for measuring, cook without limits.
      nutri kitchen scale
      1-Press to T-Tare Setting
      With ergonomic touch sensor buttons, just one press to tare the container's own weight. Even measuring smaller ingredients and liquids can be easy and accuracy.
      t-tare setting
      milk water measure
      Milk Mode & Water Mode
      The scale also distinguishes the density between water and milk, so you know exactly how much to use.
      All-in-One Toolkit
      Countdown, Clock and Temperature tools start All-in-One Cooking Steamline
      kitchen scale clock function
      Clock Display
      Turn the bowl over when not in use, and the screen will automatically show the time soon.
      kitchen scale timer function
      Build-in timer is perfect to help you you master the time and to creat your masterpiece.
      kitchen scale temperature function
      Judge whether the food needs to be kept in the frigerator through the indoor temperature display.
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      Nutri Kitchen
      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
      Good kitchen assistant
      All-in-one kitchen scale. Love the countdown function specially.
      Sabrina Gonzalez
      Nutri Kitchen
      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
      Also a pretty decoration
      It's also a decoration for my kitchen because of the pretty design. It also a clock when I don't use it for cooking.
      Nutri Kitchen
      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
      Many function
      Besides of the t-tare function, I was also benefit from the countdown and clock function.

      Display: LCD Readout Display

      Power Supply: 3X1.5V AAA Alkaline cells(not included in the box)


      Scale: 6*6*4.8 in

      Removable Bowl: 6.5*6.5*3 in

      Metrics Tracked

      Weight unit: lb,oz/g

      Volume unit: fl.oz/ml

      Max Capacity Weight: 11lb/5kg

      Removable Bowl Capacity: ≈1000ml

      Division: 0.1oz/1g

      What's the unit of the scale? +
      This scale is designed to weigh in pounds and ounces (lb/oz), fluid ounces (fl oz), milliliters (ml), and grams (g). You can easily change the unit of measurement by pressing the unit button.
      How much can it weight? +
      It has capacity up to 11lb/5kg.
      Can it weight without the bowls weight? +
      Yes, the scale has tare function to zero out the weight of the bowl. Just press the power button.
      How much capacity is the bowl? Dows the bowl clicl into place? +
      The food-grade removable bowl measures 3'H X 6.5'W, and has about 1L capacity.