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Not Just Weight But More Than Weight
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16 Body
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by App
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Baby Mode & Athlete Mode
What You See is What You Get
Large LCD Display
Show Core Data
High-Precise Sensors Help with Accuracy
Accuracy tests with standard weights before leaving the factory.
Track, Record, and Analyze Intelligently
Connect with our APP “Fitdays”, make all the control on your smartphone.
Also work with:
Apple Health
Samsung Health
Google Fit
Also work with:
Apple Health
Samsung Health
Google Fit
16 Body Compositions Analysis
Every metric gives you detailed information and compliance level.
See Your Progress and Get Motivated
Set goals and get insights by the long-term tracking records daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
Balance Training Not Just for Athletes
Balance Training Not Just for Athletes
Good body balance can help improve posture and prevent falls in middle and old age.
Good body balance can help improve posture and prevent falls in middle and old age.
Fit Pro helps you test your body balance easily. And then join the balance training in time.
Fit Pro helps you test your body balance easily. And then join the balance training in time.
Heart Care Gives You Peace of Mind
Check and notify about your heart rate in 15 seconds, guard your heart health.
Share with Your Family, Meet Everyone’s Need
画板备份 2 Created with Sketch. Up to 10 users automatic recognition.
画板备份 Created with Sketch. Measure your baby's weight.
The adult measures weight with the baby.
The adult measures weight.
The App will calculate the baby’s weight.
画板 Created with Sketch. Athlete Mode, for profession
People exercise at high levels for long periods have denser bodies. “Athlete Mode” can help get more accurate results.
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Fit Pro
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Best scale!
I started my losing weight career not long ago. And Fit Pro helped me to start a motivated journey. I track my changes every day. And I'm very exciting to see my every-day progress!
Fit Pro
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Love the design to see data directly
I can see body data directly when you finish weighing, so convenient! The tracking charts give me much more motivation to keep fit.
Fit Pro
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Impressive for the accuracy
I chose the scale because this could track my heart rate and heart index. Not every body scale can do it. The results were similar to which I got from the clinic. So impressive!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Best fitness companion
The scale and its data could help you know your body comprehensively, that you could adjust your fitness plan scientifically.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Very helpful for school team training
As a school team basketball coach, I could manage my members body data easily, because of the multi-user supported by one account.
Janet Torres
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Share with the whole family
I use this scale every day since I bought it. And the whole family can share it including my baby! I can track my baby's weight periodically.

ITO tempered glass with ABS bottom housing

Demension: 11.8*10.6*0.9 in

VA Screen Display: 2.7*4.3 in

Power Supply: 4x 1.5VAAA Alkaline cells(not included in the box)

Metrics Tracked

4 Weighing Sensors

Weight Unit: kg, lb

Weighing Range: 5→ 180kg (9→ 396lb)

Division: 100g(0.2lb)

16 body composition data include heart rate, heart index, and body balance


Bluetooth 4.0

iOS Compability: 8.0 and higher)

Android Compability: 6.0 and higher

Also compatible with: Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit Watch

How does it work? +
The electrode on the surface of the scale body is used to contact the user's legs, and the human body resistance is measured through a certain safe current. This is called BIA(Bioelecteical Impedance Analysis).
Then the input user data and measurement are taken into account to obtain the body resistance, which can accurately measure the body fat percentage, body moisture percentage, body muscle percentage, bone weight and other body components.
How accuracy is the body scale? +
With four sensors, the body scale of Ugramo measures your weight to an accuracy of 0.2 lbs. That means about +/-3% off measurement.
Can people with pacemaker or pregnant women use the smart body scale? +
No, they cannot. Neither people fitted with a pacemaker or with an implanted medical device nor pregnant women can use the smart body scale. We recommend consulting professional before using any health detection products.
How does the scale record different data of family members, and how to guarentee my data privacy? +
Each user can download Fitdays app on their on phone and creat a profile so that the app can record data seperately. Other family members will not have access to your data unless you permit them to add your profile to their app.
Are you free shipping? And how many days will I receive the package? +
Yes. The scale is free shipping. And for the order over $60.
Due to Covid-19, the delivery date will be extended. The average delivery up to 5-13 days. (please read more FAQs for some details.)
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