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Which Tanita Scale is Best? The Best Alternatives to Tanita Scale

by Sandra Lee on November 18, 2020

When we talk about digital body scales, Tanita has to be one of the most popular brands. Though, if you are also planning to get a Tanita scale, then you can get confused among the available options.

On the Tanita scale Amazon page and its website, there are several options for personal and professional use. In this post, I will help you pick the best Tanita body fat scale and its ideal alternative.

Which Tanita Digital Scale is Right for You?

By looking at the Tanita scale Amazon listings or its website, you can see that there are so many digital scales offered by the company. I would recommend picking the following Tanita body weight scales.

Budget: Less than $90

This is a basic Tanita scale that you can use to measure your body mass and a few other vitals. It has a plastic platform and the readings are not that accurate.

Price: $82.61

Ideally, this is a lightweight bathroom scale that you can use daily to measure all the vital parameters on the go.

Price: $84.59

This is the bestselling Tanita digital scale that can measure your entire body composition. It is easy to use and can measure almost every vital.

Price: $89.99


Budget: $90 to $120

This is another Tanita body fat scale that can track the progress of up to 5 people and can also be synced with your smartphone app. The product is also pretty lightweight yet sturdy.

Price: $100


This is a full-body composition monitor that is also used by athletes and professionals. Some of the advanced vitals that it can measure are metabolic age, daily calorie intake, and visceral fat.

Price: $119.99

Budget: $120+

If you are looking for a sturdier Tanita body fat scale, then you can try this product. It is entirely made up of metal and will certainly last for the years to come.

Price: $161.99

This Tanita body fat scale is more advanced and is often used by professionals. In just 15 seconds, it can display the vitals of your body parts separately (like legs, hands, trunk, and so on).

Price: $164


If you are an athlete or a fitness trainer, then you can try this Tanita body fat scale. It can yield almost every possible detail of different parts of your body and can help you track your progress as well.

Price: $199.95

How Accurate are Tanita Body Weight Scales?

As you can see, there are all kinds of Tanita body weight scales out there, but most of them work on a similar principle. The scales have dedicated electrodes that would send a mild pulse to your body. Based on your body’s resistance to it, the Tanita digital scale would calculate various vitals. Some of the scales are even based on Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry as well.

According to the company, its high-end scales only have a 1% variation when consistent conditions are maintained. Besides that, another independent research found its dual-energy x-ray absorption principle to have a 5% variation.

How to Set up and Use Tanita Body Weight Scales?

I’m sure that by now you would be able to pick the best Tanita digital scale to meet your requirements. The process to set up and use a Tanita scale to monitor our vitals is pretty similar and can be done in the following way:

Step 1: Set up the Tanita body fat scale

To start with, simply use AAA batteries and long-press the power button to turn the body scale on. You can find different options to set a new user, go to the guest mode, and perform other operations.


Step 2: Connect it with your smartphone

Once the scale is running, you can download the Tanita Healthcare App on your iOS/Android device. Most of the scales have Bluetooth connectivity that lets us sync the scale with our smartphones. You need to launch the app and simply select the model you have to set up the connectivity.


Step 3: Track your vitals regularly

That’s it! Now you just need to measure your vitals using the Tanita digital scale regularly. You can later use the app to view your progress via all kinds of visual aids easily.


Ugramo Fit Pro: The Best Alternative to Tanita Scales

The high-end Tanita body weight scales might be pretty efficient, but they can be costly. Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative to the Tanita body fat scale, then you can try Ugramo Fit Pro. It is an extremely user-friendly digital body scale that can help you track almost every vital accurately.

 ugramo fit pro
Ugramo Fit Pro - Smart Body Digital Scale Shop Now!

There you go! I’m sure that after reading this post on Tanita body weight scales, you would be able to pick the best product to meet your needs. Though, if you are looking for an alternative to the Tanita body fat scale, then you can also try Ugramo Fit Pro. The product is extremely easy to use and offers a wide range of features, making it the best Tanita scale alternative.

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