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Bone Density Scales: Measuring your Bone and Overall Health

by Sandra Lee on November 18, 2020

What is Bone Density?

According to the National Cancer Institute, bone density is the measurement of the mineral contents in against the amount of bone. This measurement is usually used in diagnosing osteoporosis, to check if treatment is working, and to check how brittle your bones are.

In short, it measures how strong your bones are. The stronger your bones, the better it is for our overall health. Bone Density Scales rate Bone density between -4 to +4. The bigger the number the better your bone mass. Here's a quick way to interpret these numbers:

What Should be my Bone Mass for my Age?

As we enter different life stages, our body also changes. Our bones and bone density also follow these changes and reach peak health at around 30 years old. After that, it usually is a gradual decline in our health and bone mass.

Different stages in our lives require an optimal amount of calcium intake for good bone mass to ensure that our bodies function well. We should have a look at our bone mass with the help of a Bone Density Percentage Scale or Bone Density Scales to determine our bone health. With the results, you can then make plans to address your bone health. Let's take a look at the different nutritional requirements at the different life stages for bone health.

gender different in bone mass

Infancy to 9 years old

For ages between 10 and 20 years old

For 20 years of age up to 30

For 30 years of age up to 50

For 50 years of age and up

Can Smart Scales Measure Bone Density?

As we have just discussed, Bone Density or Bone Mass is important. We should keep an eye on it and make sure we have healthy bones to avoid anything untoward to happen. However, we probably don't have the time or the patience to consistently go to the doctor and have ourselves tested for bone density.

Here enter the Smart Scales of today. These new generation bathroom scales give us a good understanding of the status of our bone health. However, we remind you that it is always best to consult your doctor for a better understanding of your bone health and how to achieve peak bone mass. Below are the Top 3 Smart Scales available in the market.

Top 3 Accurate Bone Density Percentage Scales

Ugramo Fit Pro Smart Scale





 ugramo fit pro
Ugramo Fit Pro - Smart Body Digital Scale Shop Now!

Withings Body+ Smart Scale




Price: $69.99

Fittrack Beebo Family Smart Scale




Price: $119


Bone density or bone mass is an important body measurement we should look at. Unfortunately, it is not something you can readily measure and will require a gadget like Bone Density Scales. Luckily, with the rise of the new generation of digital smart scales, this measurement is often included. This makes it easy to check our overall health with all the body measurements being tracked.

Among the three scales discussed, the Fittrack Beebo Family Smart Scale would probably be the best since it is the most accurate and offers the most features. This is especially true for moms-to-be who are looking for a way to have a good understanding of the changes in their body, but this is also the most expensive. If you're not a mom-to-be or not planning to be one soon, the Ugramo Fit Pro is well balanced in terms of all its features and the price point.

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