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The 5 Best Digital Bathroom Scales: Accurate and Easy to Use

by Sandra Lee on December 11, 2020

If you are a fitness enthusiast or would like to monitor your weight, then you must use the best bathroom scale. Most people consider keeping the best accurate bathroom scales so they can measure their weight right after taking a shower. Since there are so many bathroom scales available these days, picking the best option can be hard. In this post, I will let you know about the 5 best bathroom scales as per consumer reports that you can consider.

What Makes a Bathroom Scale Good?

Before you know about the best digital bathroom scales, you should be aware of some parameters that you must consider in advance.

  • Accuracy
  • This is the most important thing that you should look for in the best-rated bathroom scales. Check its accuracy index so that it would depict precise results about your weight.

  • Multiple functions
  • Apart from your weight, the best digital bathroom scale would let you know several other parameters such as fat percentage, muscle mass, water ratio, etc.

  • Overall Design
  • Since you would be keeping the scale in the bathroom, make sure it is sturdy and waterproof so that it can last for the years to come. Also, it should be lightweight so you can place it wherever you want.

  • Cost
  • Since digital scales can come at all prices, think of an estimated budget so that you can pick the best bathroom scale without overspending.

best bathroom scale

Are Bathroom Scales Accurate and Why You Should Get One?

Compared to analog scales, the best digital bathroom scale would be extremely accurate. Mostly, it is observed that digital body scales have an accuracy index of 3% which is pretty precise.

A digital body scale would send a mild electric impulse to your body and would measure your body’s impedance and resistance to it. Based on these parameters, it will obtain all the essential body vitals. Therefore, by getting the best accurate bathroom scales, you can monitor your vitals regularly. This will help you hit your target weight and sustain a healthier lifestyle.

The 5 Best Rated Bathroom Scales Out There

From all the available options, I would recommend picking these 5 best bathroom scales that are not only accurate, but are pretty easy to use as well.

If you are looking for the best digital bathroom scale, then you can try Ugramo Fit Pro smart body scale. It is made up of premium quality and offers a wide range of features.



Price: $89.95

Ugramo Fit Pro Smart Scale

Fitbit is already an established name in the fitness industry and its Smart Scale certainly doesn’t disappoint. It is one of the best-rated bathroom scales with a sporting design.



Price: $49.95

Fitbit Smart Scale

If you have a limited budget, then you can consider trying the best digital bathroom scale by Etekcity. It supports the tracking of multiple users and will meet your basic requirements.



Price: $54.99

Etekcity Smart Scale

This has to be one of the best accurate bathroom scales that you can get under $50. The scale can provide 13 different vitals and can be synced with your smartphone.



Price: $54.99

Renpho Smart body Scale

Lastly, you can also take the assistance of this product by FITTRACK, which is considered as one of the best accurate bathroom scales. It is pretty easy to set up and can be linked with your smartphone.



Price: $90

fittrack smart body scale

Now when you know about some of the best bathroom scales as per their consumer reports, you can easily pick a preferred product. For your convenience, I have included some of the best-rated bathrooms scales in all budgets. You can further explore them on your own and let us know about your experience if you have already used any of these digital scales before.

 ugramo fit pro
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