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Abyon Bluetooth Scales Review After a Year Using

by Sandra Lee on November 19, 2020

Bath scales have been around for a long time. We have used them to track our most basic body metric; weight. Over the last 50 years, we had to measure our body metrics by using an analog weighing scale and a tape measure.

Over time, this basic household equipment has also seen its fair share of improvement and advancement. Today, we have scales like the Abyon Smart Scale that tracks more than just our weight. Checking and keeping track of our body metrics has never been easier. Let's have a look at our experience in using this new generation of bathroom scales.

What is an Abyon Scale?

The Bluetooth Smart Scale we will review today is made by Abyon. It is a company that makes "health scales" and sports protection equipment, mainly braces. They aim and promise to deliver products that work and help us in our health goals.

Let's go ahead and take a look at this Abyon scale's Basic functions.

Abyon Bluetooth Smart Scale

Features of the Abyon Scale

Body Essential Measurements

These measurements altogether give us a good idea of our health and what we need to do to achieve our goals.

Thoughts on the Abyon Smart Scale

After using this Abyon body composition smart scale, we look at the pros and cons.



Thoughts on the Abyon Smart Scale

We've taken a look at the Ugramo Fit Pro before and we loved it. This time, it has a contender. In terms of the specs, the Ugramo is better with its 16 body metrics, including a balance test. It also is a big plus that the Ugramo Fit Pro shows you the 8 most common body measurements on its large LCD screen so you can have a quick look at your stats even without your smartphone.

However, the Abyon fights back with its capability to support an unlimited number of users compared to Ugramo's meager 10 users. But the biggest defining difference between these two that would make you choose Abyon versus Ugramo is the price point.

With the majority of the Ugramo Features included in the Abyon at only a third of the price, it is an easy choice to make. If the budget is not an issue, and if the scale is only for personal use or only for a few users, then the Ugramo easily beats the Abyon.


The Ugramo Fit Pro is probably still the most powerful and best Bluetooth Smart Scale today. But the Abyon Smart Scale is a great contender at a much lower price. After a year, the Abyon has proven to be useful, accurate, and helpful in achieving my health and body goals which are at the core when choosing to buy this tool.

If you are someone looking to make improvements to your body, I recommend getting one of these smart scales. The ability to track your body's stats over time is key in helping us get through our weight gain or weight loss journey.

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