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5 Ways Smart Scales Can Help You Stay Healthy

by Sandra Lee on November 26, 2020

Technology has transformed our lives. The way we see, hear, or experience things have changed. It’s no wonder your age-old weighing scale got an upgrade. Now it does more than just tell you your weight. It communicates with you via your mobile screen, and you can use the data to stay focused on your fitness regime. Smart scales’ best avatar is here. Let’s see what they truly are, how they work, what they do, their benefits, and finally review 5 of the best smart scales out there.

What is a smart scale?

A smart scale is an electronic weighing scale that gives you more information regarding your body than just weight. Think about things like muscle mass, heartbeat rate, body mass index, bone density, etc. The best thing is you can connect your smart weighing scale via Bluetooth technology to your mobile phone and save your data there.

You can then sync your data with popular fitness apps and like FitBit, Apple Health, and Google Fit, etc. and use your body metrics to gauge your fitness goals, make more informed decisions and stay healthy and happy.

How do smart scales work?

Smart scales make use of the Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis Method (BIA Method) technology to check your body configuration. When you get up on the smart scale your feet touch the four electrode sensors that run an electric current through your leg up to your body. In the process, it measures your weight, fat percentage, etc.

It is a non-invasive electric test that is safe for most of us. Still, if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker installed in you, then there is no harm in consulting your doctor before using a smart scale.

Are smart scales worth it?

The one-word answer would be yes, they are. They provide you some valuable information in the comfort of your home which you otherwise would seek from diagnostic laboratories. They are essentially affordable and won’t make a dent in your savings. The reasons for buying a smart scale can be broadly categorized into two big reasons;

The primary reason is the variety of information it provides. You get to know a lot of our body’s compositions that you can use for your advantage. The extent of information a smart scale provides varies from model to model but a typical smart scale would give you information on the following key body metrics;

Five advantages of a smart scale

Easy to use:

It is hard for most people to stand on the regular weighing scale and see their weight accurately. Often, they need help. With a smart scale, you don’t have to look down, your weight will be stored on your mobile phone which you can see later.

Advantages in pregnancy:

You can keep a log of your weight during pregnancy using the smart scale and your mobile phone. It is so much convenient.

Increases motivation:

A smart scale will motivate you to adopt healthy lifestyle choices, stay up to date with your health indicators, and take care of your body.

Good for kids:

A smart scale will help you keep a track of your kids’ health. They might get more interested in a healthy lifestyle thanks to the smart scale.

Syncs with fitness trackers:

Most fitness trackers would sync with your smart scale and that would help you to take your fitness regime to the next level. You can use the information to make healthy lifestyle changes.

How to choose a smart scale?

To get smart scales best performance you must choose the most accurate smart scale. Accuracy should be the primary concern when choosing a smart scale. Some time back Bluetooth smart scales were not regarded as accurate, things have changed now but still, you need to find a smart scale with the most accurate readings.

Top 5 most accurate smart scales:

We now briefly highlight give of the most accurate smart scales based on smart scale reviews. These are;

  1. Ugramo Fit Pro
  2. Withings smart scale
  3. Garmin index smart scale
  4. Weight gurus smart scale
  5. Renpho smart scale

best body mass scale Ugramo Fit Pro

It measures 16 body metrics and shows 8 body measurements on the 4.6” LCD. It includes a balance test as well and it can accurately measure weight up to 180 kg or 396 lbs. It has a baby and an athlete mode too and it is compatible with most fitness apps. It can recognize and support 10 persons.

 ugramo fit pro
Ugramo Fit Pro - Smart Body Digital Scale Shop Now!

Withings Smart Scale

Withings smart sale is another great smart scale to own and use. It supports data of up to 8 users and can give you important information regarding your weight, muscle mass, fat content, water levels, etc. It is highly accurate and gives precise information. You can get it synced with other apps easily. It has a large display and can give you weather information as well. It is WiFi-enabled and of course, Bluetooth compatibility is also there.

Garmin Index Smart Scale

This is a WiFi-enabled smart scale with a 4” display screen that has an excellent night view mode. It can recognize 16 persons and automatically record their respective data. It measures all the important body compositions like weight, BMI, skeletal mass, muscle mass, etc. quite accurately. It also gives 9 months of battery life.

Weight Gurus Smart Scale

This smart scale measures 8 key body metrics and can keep data of up to 8 users. It is one of the most accurate smart scales out there. It also syncs with popular fitness-related apps. You can get a sufficient number of features at a very reasonable price with this smart scale.

Renpho Smart Scale

This features-rich smart scale can measure 13 body metrics. It supports an unlimited number of users and has its smartphone app which is also compatible with other fitness apps. It is one of the most accurate smart scales with almost perfect readings. For all its great features, it is priced very reasonably too.


Smart scales are the way of the future. In a matter of time, they will be commonplace in every household. Their functions and advantages are immense. Although, the price is somewhat on the higher side at the moment, with the passage of time and arrival of new entrants the price would hopefully come down. Still, the current price level outweighs the benefits they provide.

Our list of 5 of the most accurate smart scale is by no means final and conclusive. We have tried to gather the 5 best models based on smart scale reviews and their comparative advantages. We hope you will find it to be useful.

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