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How Heart Rate Help Your Fat Burning

by Sandra Lee on March 31, 2020

Are you someone who seeks to achieve the perfect shape and size? Is that extra bit of belly fat snatching your sleep away? Then you must be putting your best effort to burn the fat off by hitting the gym floor every now! However, you are fooling yourself to think that the harder you workout the more fat you burn. That’s not true!

In fact, your fat burning zone might be lying in a rather low heart rate. All you need to do is to figure out the sweet spot where your heart rate helps your fat burning. So, be wise and find out your fat-burning heart rate. And your exercises will be more effective for you to lose weight.

What Is The Fat-Burning Heart Rate?

Now, you must be wondering what, on earth, is the fat-burning heart rate! If it sounds alien to you, let’s scratch the surface and dig in. The fat burning heart rate is that particular heart rate where your body gathers its required energy from the fat storage. At this point your body burns the stored fat rather than calories and therefore results in an effective weight loss.

However, you must be aware of the fact that your fat-burning heart rate is not your maximum heart rate. Your maximum heart rate is the maximum times your heart beats while working out.

Fat-Burning Heart Rate Charts

Needless to say, the fat-burning heart rate has everything to do with your age. As you grow older, your fat burning heart rate zone retards along with your maximum heart rate. Often on a treadmill you may come across a chart that elaborates the variable heart rates and fat-burning heart rates.

This is to help you attain the fat-burning zone that suits your age. For example, if you fall in the age group of 28 to 32, your average fat-burning heart rate will be around 133. Down below, is a chart showing the average fat-burning heart rates of people of different age groups.

Age Group Fat-burning heart rate in beats per minute (average)
18 – 22 140
23 – 27 136
28 – 32 133
33 – 37 129
38 – 42 126
43 – 47 122
48 – 52 119
53 – 57 116
58 – 62 112
63 – 67 109
68 – 72 105

How to Calculate and Find Your Fat Burning Zone?

Basically, your fat-burning heart rate is assumed as the 70% of your maximum heart rate. Most people know how to measure body fat percentage, but now the question is how do you find out your fat burning heart rate zone by yourself?

For this, you first need to determine your maximum heart rate. No matter how complicated it may sound it’s rather simple.

Here are a couple of steps you can consider:

How to Measure Heart Rate

There are quite a variety of ways you can measure your heart rate. The most basic way is to track the pulse beats with your fingers. Apart from that, there are a few tools and machines that will help you measure your heart rate properly. Here we brief some of them.

At the onset of your effective weight loss program it’s a great idea to keep a track of your heart rate all the time. Therefore, you can pick a well-fitted wrist tracker. It is a simple heart monitor that you have to wear just like a wristwatch. Basically, it functions by calculating your pulse beats. With this tool you can easily point out your fat-burning zone.

heart wrist monitor

Another very effective heart monitor is a chest tracker. If you are an athlete and want to take your fat-burning goal a notch higher then this is the right choice for you. It has a trap that sticks around your chest area to directly measure the heart beats.

chest strap heart rate monitor

If you are a new-age fitness freak, you must have heard about activity trackers. These activities trackers and watches have stormed the market in recent times. Such a tool functions by counting how many steps you’re taking during a day, and obviously it also counts your heart rates.

how to measure body fat

However, if you are into a strict fitness regime, you must consider measuring your body fat and heart rate along with the body weight. This is exactly what a smart body fat scale does through its sensor.

A few smart body fat scales that are thoroughly available in the market, can measure the heart rate. Some well-known mentions in this regard, are Withings Body+, Ugramo Fit Pro.They also give you an advice or a level for your heart health

how to measure heart rate
Ugramo Fit Pro - Smart Body Fat Scale KNOW MORE!

These tools work using a bioelectric impedance method where an electrical charge flows upward through your blood circulation and enters your heart. As soon as the heart beats the impedance value changes measuring the heart rate and the heart index.

Studies reported that the resting heart rate data as measured by Ugramo Fit Pro body fat scale is almost accurate to that of the oximeter tests currently available in the market. The results vary within a range of ± 3 which you can consider quite accurate.

How Should I Workout?

Naturally, you must be thinking is it that hard to hit the fat-burning zone? The answer is “No”. It’s actually quite easy. All you need to find out is the right workout methods. The basic rule is to monitor the heart rate as you already know. Along with that, you can choose your exercises as per your physical abilities.

Some simple workout ideas to get into the fat-burning rate:

In conclusion, you must always maintain a healthy heart rate in order to burn the excess body fat and therefore, achieve that perfectly toned structure. Also, put a healthy smile to feel healthy from inside and out.

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