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What Is The Ideal Body Fat Percentage

by Sandra Lee on January 03, 2020

In today's world, an increasing rate of body fat is a serious problem. Not only the older generation is going through this process but also the younger ones are no exception. The ever-growing consumption of fast food has touched new limits. Burger, Pizza and Sausages are silently creating an unproductive race of humankind.

The rise of billion-dollar companies, who are selling sugar in the name of health drinks, is celebrated globally. The teens and young adults are the prime victims of this severe but silent invasion. The question arises, how to keep the body healthy, how to remain fit and so on. As a result, loads of fitness products and energy drinks are getting sold. Surprisingly, the product ingredients remain the same more or less.

So, people are worried about their physical health. An unnecessary body fat creates many problems in daily lives and also causes diseases like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, sugar so on and so forth.

Though it is not dark in everywhere, people are doing miraculous transformations so often. Practices like Yoga and gym are proven to be healthy. It is possible to maintain your body fat and live a healthy life with a balanced diet. In this article, we are going to discuss body fat for men and women.

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The Ideal Body Fat Percentage for Women

Women have an entirely different biological process rather than men. The body fat percentage of women depends on some variables. Experts have explained them in different ways, but in general, the report of the American Council of Exercise mentioned a proper chart for ideal body fat percentage of women.

Type Body Fat Percentage
Essential Fat 10%-13%
Althletes 14%-20%
Fitness 21%-24%
Acceptable 25%-21%
Obesity > 32%

The essential body fat percentage of women is 10-13%. There is a certain amount of body fat that is necessary to keep the body going properly, in this case, that is the above-mentioned number.

Now, those women who are into athletics i.e. Swimming, Racing, Badminton, Tennis, the body fat percentage is just above the essential percentage. That is 14-20%. Their regular practice, balanced diet and proper training session help them in achieving the humongous number. But don't worry if you are not an athlete. There are two more measurements.

If you are into fitness, means if you are a fitness freak who is always ready for a bunch of push-ups and sit-ups along with some reps of skipping then your body fat should be around 21-24%. Pretty easy right! Well, not that easy but possible. After all, you call yourself a fitness freak.

And now, I am going to reveal the percentage of almost all the fellow mates in every group. The acceptable percentage of body fat in women is 25-31%. So, if you are not doing anything, no fitness, no morning walk, no gym then you have to keep it just under 31% to keep that sweet chubby tag. Anything above 31% is labelled as obesity in women. So, at any cost maintain your fat percentage.

Age VS Body Fat

The study says that women from the age group of 20-39 should maintain their fat between 21-32%. Then they increase it by 1% and make the ideal body fat to 23-33% for women between age 40-59. Now for the older people whose age between 60-79, the body fat should be between 24-35%.

Age Body Fat Percentage
20-39 21%-32%
40-59 23%-33%
60-79 24%-35%

That's it. The two studies don't differ from each other so you can use any of them.

The Ideal Body Fat Percentage for Men

Men have different measurements and the need for fat in men's body is much lower than women. Following the same two studies, now we are going to check men's ideal body fat percentage. The essential body fat in men is nearly 2-5%. So, it is clear that body fat is more visible in men than in women. Having the essential body fat percentage as low as 5%, an athlete always has to maintain a percentage of 6-13%.

Well, don't bother if you are not an athlete you have some relaxation. A fitness person maintains the body fat percentage between 14-17%. So, if you are gymming regularly and maintaining a diet chart, you should aim for that.

The final segment is for normal people or leading a general life. If you are maintaining a body fat of 18-24%, then you shouldn't worry much. But if you exceed the said limit, you'll be considered as a patient of obesity.

Type Body Fat Percentage
Essential Fat 2%-5%
Althletes 6%-13%
Fitness 14%-17%
Acceptable 18%-24%
Obesity > 25%

The body fat percentage according to age is:

Age Body Fat Percentage
20-39 8%-19%
40-59 11%-21%
60-79 13%-24%

How To Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage

Skinfold Calipers helps in calculating the body fat close to accurately. This manually takes measurements of your body fat from different parts and gives an average percentage. It is recommended to take help from a third person for accurate results.

Body Fat Scales is a measurement tool that enables you to measure both your body fat and estimated wait. A sensor is in-built in the tool and with the help of bioelectrical impedance, the whole process works.

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Body Circumference Measurements is an advanced measurement process that uses bioelectrical impedance to calculate body fat.

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How to Decrease Your Body Fat?

Decreasing body fat is not a big deal. The process is easy, all it requires is heart and soul dedication.

The physical exercise starts from a morning walk, Yoga and ends with Hardcore gym sessions. It is your choice, which one you are going to select. But it would be easier if you contact an instructor of the field and prepare an exercising routine. It's alright if you learn from YouTube but it's always recommended to have an expert's opinion.

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Along with physical exercise, you must maintain a diet routine. Cut off all the pizzas and burgers and eat something healthy. Contact certified nutrition, share your complete case history and maintain the routine given by the doctor.

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Besides doing all this stuff, one must maintain a disciplined lifestyle. That means having strict bed-time and wake up time. Reducing some hours from laptop and gaming will help you greatly in improving your health.

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That was the brief guideline about maintaining a healthy body fat percentage. Remember the old saying, "A healthy body is thousand times better than money". So, I hope you have read the complete article, and start to workout, keep a healthy lifestyle. And do not forget to get a body fat percentage calculator to see if you reach the ideal body fat levels.