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10 Best Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

by Sandra Lee on February 11, 2020

Almost everyone has heard of metabolism, but few can say with confidence that they know what it means. In general terms, any biochemical processes happening in our body is metabolism. The most important aspect of metabolism is related to the food we eat, the process by which our body breaks it down and transforms it into energy.

A good metabolism is the key to a healthy body. The best way to track if you are fit and healthy, knowing about your basal metabolic rate or BMR is a step in the right direction. So, what is BMR? It is the rate of energy used up by the body when it is at rest. A low BMR can mean that you are not burning the calories you eat properly and lead to health complications. Here, we will discuss how to increase metabolism and the top 10 tips mentioned below can be a useful guide.

Part 1. How to Boost Your Metabolism

A good BMR is triggered by the calories you burn. Burning excess body fat is a basic step. If you can follow a high-intensity workout regime, specially High-intensity interval training like HIIT (including Tabata, Crossfit, Insanity), it will work wonders.

Experts say that a high-intensity workout is preferable to long hours of light exercises. How? When you do intense exercises within a short period, it can continue to burn the body fat and boost metabolism even after the workout hours. That’s usually called afterburn effect.

Some people wonder the answer to how to speed up metabolism can lie in building up your muscles. Let’s explain. About 70% of the calories are consumed by your basal metabolism every day. And more muscle can support longer, more intense workouts.

That is to say, a muscular body burns calories faster than one which is full of fats. You can use any BMR calculator and find out the difference. So, if you have a body with more muscles than fat, it stands to reason that you will have a boosted metabolism.

Less water consumption means that your body is dry even if you may not feel that way. So, the basal metabolic rate gets hampered if you are not hydrated enough. It is one of the reasons why it is good to drink lots of water before going to sleep.

Do you often get up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty? It means your body, while you are sleeping, is using up the water to fuel your metabolism. Drinking more water is thus good for powering up your metabolism.

High stress can lower BMR. Before knowing about ways to increase metabolism, you should first make sure you are having a good sleep. As the term BMR is defined, it is the process that takes place when you are at rest. When we are sleeping, we burn calories. Thus, good sleep and less stress can help you boost your metabolism better.

We all know that coffee contains stimulants like caffeine. But did you know that you could have a boosted metabolism by drinking coffee? Well, it’s true. Some people swear by the great effect of green tea on fat burning, weight loss and fitness. If you are not partial to green tea, you can now try coffee and get similar benefits.

It is important to know about foods that speed up your metabolism. But that is hardly enough unless you also back up a balanced diet with the proper eating habit.

The process of digestion boosts metabolism. So, it is a good idea to eat small meals, in terms of both quantity and calories, at more regular intervals. This will lead to higher BMR at no risk of weight gain.

Experts agree that more protein must appear in your list of foods that speed up your metabolism. Consumption of lean meat, eggs, nuts, beans, milk and other food with high protein content can boost metabolism more than carbs and fats. So, every time you eat, it is helpful to include some protein in your meal.

This is a common tip on how to get a high metabolism that people, who love to eat spicy food, often use. Eating peppers or other hot spices as an ingredient in your food is thus a sure way to boost your metabolism.

Medical science indicates that vitamins and metabolism are closely connected. While some studies acknowledge the importance of vitamin B, it is vitamin D intake that shows key impact on higher BMR. Some studies have found that sufficient vitamin D may reduce the size of fat cells, increase their growth, reduce fat accumulation and storage.

Moreover, vitamin D helps healthy cell replication and plays a significant role in preventing autoimmune diseases, such as common colds. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2010 showed that vitamin D can help To reduce the incidence of influenza A

One of the lesser-known ways on how to increase metabolism is the advice of standing up more. Many people have desk jobs or spend a large portion of their days in a seated position. This is not conducive to a higher metabolic rate. On the contrary, standing up more can have a positive effect on boosting metabolism.

Part 2. Why Your Metabolism Decreases?

Did you know that low metabolism is not good for your health and fitness? Several factors contribute to a low basal metabolic rate. Of these, disorders of the endocrinal system is one of the prime reasons. Also, older people have a low metabolism, as with increasing age, the body has decreased ability to burn calories faster. This is compounded by loss of muscle mass in older people, and we have seen how a good muscle build is linked with higher metabolism. Weight loss and illness are other factors that result in low metabolism.

Nowadays, many young people also suffer from slowing down metabolism. The reasons can be to lifestyle choices more than anything else. For example, we have already discussed tips on how to speed up metabolism. It is thus not surprising that consuming lower calories, skipping protein in your diet, being sedentary and not enough activities or exercises, high stress and fewer hours of sleep have a grave impact on good metabolic rate. If you seriously want to boost your metabolism, you must avoid these pitfalls.

Part 3. Device to Track Your BMR

There is no alternative to a BMR calculator to measure metabolism and knowing if you need to take steps to boost it. For those with advanced awareness of health and fitness, merely measuring metabolism might not be enough. It is for their benefit smart body scales are available.

Measuring BMR is just one function that a smart body scale performs. It is an intelligent way of keeping track of your change of BMR, weight as well as various body composition metrics such as body fat, water percentage, muscle and fat composition. It also monitors your BMI or body mass index and can be easily accessed with an app or online service.

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Aided with our tips on how to increase your metabolism through eating habits and lifestyle choices and armed with a smart body scale, you can go a long way in staying fit. So, quit worrying, give your metabolism a boost and find the joy of health. It’s the best way of feeling good. Try it!